Inflammation  in the soft palate of patients with OSA

Inflammation in the soft palate of patients with OSA

The presence of an inflammation of the upper airways induced by the repeated airflow turbulence following the mechanical obstruction already has been demonstrated in sleep apnea subjects, as evidenced by increased concentrations of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin in exhaled condensate, […]

The endobronchial biopsy revealed evidence for mild eosinophilic inflammation

Case 3: An 8-year-old girl with a long history of severe, persistent, steroid-dependent asthma, developed respiratory symptoms at 10 months with a severe disease course since, requiring numerous hospitalizations and three episodes requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. In addition, oral glucocorticoids were regularly […]

Potential cardiovascular benefits of therapies for COPD

In the present study, patients with cardiovascular risk factors or disease at baseline had two to three times the MACE rate as patients without these at baseline. In both subgroups of patients, roflumilast conveyed a reduction in cardiovascular events, although […]