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Treatment by Food and Fast

Food is a method of treatment. There is not a better method than it, but you have to know what food to eat and when.

During illness and after the recovery one needs a specific food. For example, one, who has had fever, wants to eat sour food; one needs sweet food at another disease.

One thing shall be known: each Divine fruit has its great purpose. Therefore, if you eat apples, you will gain one quality; if you eat plums, you will gain another quality. One becomes what he eats.

Generally, oblong fruits represent intelligence, and knobby, round ones – life and feelings. Fruits are nothing else, but a combination of energies that operate in those forms.

Potatoes give only one quality to man – they make him happy and be satisfied by little. Apples give the following qualities to the human character: they make it soft, gentle, indulgent to people. One gains freshness. If you want to be sweet and gentle, eat grapes. In general, food affects one’s character.

If you want to improve your blood circulation, eat cherries. What is there in cherries? Deep feelings are hidden there. The law of liberty is hidden in cherries.

What do cornels give? If you are spineless and slack and if you eat cornels, you gain stability and strength. They provide iron to the blood.

If the child is anemic, give him more pears; if he is a little bad, give him apples, if he lacks noble feelings, give him cherries, which simultaneously become a regulator of the stomach. Watermelons, cornels, and pumpkins also regulate the stomach. In general, fruits develop noble feelings. One shall just not overeat and overload his stomach.

Someone says: I have neurasthenia! Eat peas! Someone else says: I suffer from hypochondria. Eat wheat! They say for someone that he has a quick temper.

Give him to eat corn! Someone is not persistent in the fulfillment of his duties. Give him to eat rye! There is something perfect in rye. It grows high up. When it comes in one, it develops supreme ideal.

Certain colors prevail in some fruits and in others they are less. For example, take the cherry – red prevails in it. And therefore, if someone is anemic and if he understands the law, while eating cherries, he will get, by no means, all that is necessary for his organism.

Apples originated in the astral world, and pears and lemons – in the mental one. If you look at the shape and color of a tomato, you will find out that it is behind in its development. It has not gone farther than the life of the stomach. Materialists are similar to tomatoes.

The cherry is a symbol in Nature. Red cherry, as well as all red fruits came out of Eden. Cherry is laxative to the organism.

For anemia – eat cucumbers.

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